Food, Beverage and Agriculture

We assist a number of Italian and foreign companies in the food, beverage and agriculture field, including in:


We regularly assist clients in court proceedings, including in relation to the infringement of trademarks, designations of origin or plant variety rights. We also defend clients in administrative proceedings in matters relating to labeling.


We draft and negotiate the clients’ commercial agreements, including licence, distribution and agency agreements.


We assist clients in setting up their e-commerce portal, including by drafting the required T&Cs and privacy policies and by ensuring compliance of the entire website with the advertising, data protection, and consumer laws.


We provide advice as to advertising, labelling, packaging and other relevant regulatory matters in this market sector.


We provide advice as to the compliance of the client’s data processing with applicable privacy laws, e.g. in respect of their marketing campaigns, e-commerce activities or their employees policies. We also assist clients in data protection disputes, both before courts and before the Italian Data Protection Authority.